• Headquarters in Houston, Texas – USA
  • Offices in USA & China
  • Representatives in Europe, Japan, Korea, & India
  • Customers in > 40 countries
  • First microRNA microarray service provider (since 2005)
  • Leading position in customer publications in peer reviewed journals

While some recent breakthrough discoveries have provided answers to long standing questions, others have raised even more basic biological questions. There still remains a vast need for understanding many significant pathologies at the genomic level. LC Sciences provides comprehensive services to the academic and biotech communities that are designed to be one-stop and produce the results needed to quickly advance our customers’ biological and biomedical research.
Development of novel clinical diagnostics and molecular medicines is key to fulfilling the promise of personalized medicine for treating cancer, heart disease, neurological disorders and other significant diseases. The identification of novel biomarkers based on disease-related genes, genetic mutations, and known genomes of infectious viruses and pathogens will require integrated technology platforms such as those developed at LC Sciences.
The study of key traits such as plant growth and development, stress response, hybrid vigor, and reproduction at the genomic level will be essential for agronomic advancement. Though new focus on agriculture has provided a large amount of new genomic information and tools, there still remains a challenge of working with non-model, highly varied species. LC Sciences’ innovative products and comprehensive services are based on in-house developed parallel-synthesis and targeted sequencing technologies that offer unprecedented flexibility and customization capability.

A wide range of microarray service products are based on our µParaflo® microfluidic on-chip synthesis technology. This technology enables us to provide unique and customizable arrays of oligonucleotides, peptides, and their analog molecules. Our line of microarray services includes microRNA profiling, custom oligonucleotide (aptamer) screening, and peptide arrays for epitope mapping, protein kinase substrate profiling, and phosphopeptide binding assays.

The OligoMix® technology has significantly reduced the cost and increased the speed of highly multiplexing genome-scale experiments such as exploration of small RNAs and designer gene/DNA library synthesis. OligoMix® technology has been applied to library construction of various biomolecules, sequence capture for targeted next-gen sequencing, and synthetic biology. The recently developed OligoFix™ strategy for error correction of microarray synthesized oligos has greatly improved the utility of OligoMix® for synthetic biology applications.

The game-changing VariantPro™ multiplex-PCR based targeted sequencing system provides a simple, robust process delivering cost savings due to improved sequencing efficiency. Unlike singleplex methods with limited scalability and inflexible or traditional multiplex methods that suffer from primer induced variation in coverage requiring additional sequencing depth, VariantPro™ combines the specificity of a singleplex PCR reaction with the scalability of a multiplex reaction into a single step via relay-PCR, requiring less sequencing depth per sample.

For 10 years now, we have been providing researchers with access to innovative technologies that are enabling significant genomics and proteomics discoveries. In addition to basic research, these technologies are being applied in the areas of environmental science, agricultural research, bio-defense, forensics, clinical diagnostics, and drug development. The flexibility and power of these technologies has enabled LC Sciences to deliver a strong value proposition, including a rich product line that continues to grow and diversify, serving these rapidly advancing markets.